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Mantra Capital is a trusted boutique Commercial Financial consultancy firm led by a collection of ex-Senior Level Specialist Lending Bankers who know the inner workings of the banking sector.

Our team has expertise spanning both the residential and commercial sectors, with an obsessive drive to provide a unique, entrepreneur centric level of service to our clients. With several decades of industry experience we can meet your finance and insurance requirements.

We are honoured to have a personal relationship with every lender who will lend in the UK, with many of these relationships at senior management, decision maker level, leading to efficient solutions in record time. We all make money when deals are done.

We take immense pride in standing alongside our entrepreneurs, assisting you in raising various forms of finance as your personal in-house Bankers.
We handle the end-to-end process, insisting on being a partner to your business and being part of the family.

When you partner with us, you can be assured of the following:


Ethical & Professional Conduct

We place the interests of the entrepreneur at the heart of everything we do and always act in their best interests. We believe in longevity, relationship creation and business retention and wish to be a part of your business family long term.


complete transparency

We are available around the clock and will keep you informed of the status of your loan enquiry throughout the process. We realise that during this process communication is key, and a clearly defined road map will be constructed to manage expectations and to ensure that you are fully update with progress.


professional presentation to
lending partners

A Mantra Capital USP is the skill and knowledge to present cases in the exact format that Banks like to see. Our team of in-house Bankers are trained and qualified in Commercial Banking and know the intricacies associated with presenting lending proposals to our funding partners. We know what the Banks want to see, and we are able to put together a full sighting paper that can be submitted straight to credit underwriting, taking weeks off the normal process. We invest the time in pulling together the information and understanding it, so we can field any Banker questions on your behalf.


active support

As well as communication and professional presentation, we will also complete all of the associated paperwork and subsequent application forms that may be relevant as we go through the finance process. We attend Bank meetings representing our entrepreneurs and their businesses, we meet valuers on site to show them around properties, we liaise with solicitors to facilitate a smooth drawdown. It is all part of the Mantra Capital experience. It is our Mantra

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